Gloria in D – new version of accompaniment

Gloria in D, for soprano solo, mixed chorus, brass, timpani and organ is now available in 3 different versions.  The choral and solo parts are all identical, but it’s the accompaniments that differ.

  1. The original version uses a brass sextet, consisting of 3 trumpets and 3 trombones, plus timps and organ.
  2. The new version, available on request from Swirly Music, uses a brass quintet (2 trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba) plus organ and optional timps.
  3. There is also a more basic version of the accompaniment for organ alone.

Writing about this piece, Richard Hynson, who directed the first performance, comments:

“As music Director of the Bel Canto Chorus in Milwaukee, I am charged with programming new, exciting, audience-accessible repertoire for our annual Christmas in the Basilica concerts. Surprisingly, it is difficult to find new works that both challenge and engage the chorus while moving the audience. Gordon Thornett’s ‘Gloria’ is one of those works.

Scored for Soprano Soloist, Mixed Chorus, Brass (3 tpts, 3 tbns), Timpani, and Organ, this single-movement, ten-minute setting of the Gloria from the Ordinary of the Mass demonstrates the composer’s use of exciting, multi-metric rhythms, well-structured melodies, and emotional contrast.

While the choral writing offers some challenges, especially in the fughetta section, a good college or community chorus can learn this medium-difficult work successfully in a few rehearsals. The Soprano Solo requires a skilled, advanced singer, and the accompanying instrumental parts will satisfy accomplished players.

I strongly recommend this as a work that can successfully anchor a Christmas program.”


You can hear a recording of the first performance here.